The Security Centre

With over 40 registered security companies on the island, how do you decide who is the best company to protect you, your family and your business?

Questions you should ask before choosing a security company

What security provider are your friends, neighbours, and co-workers using? Before turning to the yellow pages, ask your friends, neighbours or co-workers what security company they are using at home or at their business and how satisfied they are with the service. With over 40 registered companies on island, referrals are a great way to narrow down your search to 3-4 security companies.

How long have you been in business? Longevity is a good sign in the security industry. Targeting companies who have been operating in Cayman for at least 5 years is a good benchmark for your search. The Security Centre Limited is celebrating 10 years in Cayman. Forming in 2000 due to a merger of two Caymanian companies who provided security systems and services to the island since the early 1990’s, TSCL is now Cayman’s largest and most trusted full-service security and life-safety company.

What services do you offer? Choosing a company that specializes in security and offers a wide range of services should also be taken into consideration. Due to the current economy, some local business owners have been forced to expand their service offerings into security. Some electronic companies, IT business and electrical contractors have added security in an attempt to boost their sales. Choosing a security company that specializes in security and life safety means choosing experience and you get that with The Security Centre. TSCL specializes in the field and invests heavily in experienced people to provide solutions to our clients. Employing over 200 full time members of staff across three specialized areas (Security Services, Security Systems, and Business Development), The Security Centre can fulfill all of your security needs.

Do you offer a price guarantee? Whether seeking protection at your home or business, cost is an important factor when choosing a security company. However, you should consider like for like equipment or services when you are reviewing quotes in addition to looking at bottom line costs. The Security Centre offers a price guarantee and will ensure that you are getting the best security option available to meet your budget. Our qualified technical sales representatives will answer any questions that you have relating to equipment costs, and services that TSCL provides versus other companies.

Do you offer discounts on house insurance? Installing a monitored home security system can now save you money on your house insurance. Fidelity Bank has recently launched this program to encourage their new and existing clients to make their homes safe and in return they are offering a 10% reduction on premiums. The Security Centre is proud to be working with Fidelity Bank on this venture and is offering 5-25% off on home security systems for Fidelity customers.