Voyagers loved getting hooked

is quite a distance away from Cayman. Geological estimates point to there being
roughly 478 miles between the two nations.

That number might seem like nothing
with planes able to traverse the two in a few hours. But by boat is a whole
other story. Hence it’s a miracle that a crew of Honduran fishermen made the
trek from their country to Cayman by sea.

Larry and David Henson McNab came
weeks ago aboard their 110 foot boat Caribbean Sport. The duo caught two of the
premier fishing tournaments in the Rooster Shootout and the Cayman Islands
International Fishing Tournament. Their boat was the biggest for the
international competition.

Both were at the Ramada Grand
Caymanian resort last Tuesday for the awards ceremony for the international
event. They were accompanied by Shanie Rubio (Henson’s girlfriend), Iris McNab
(Larry’s wife), friends Archie Rivers and Anne Green and Serbian fishing
enthusiasts Slobodan ‘Bobo’ Ivanovic and Predrag Vasovic.

The McNabs didn’t catch much in the
international tournament but did nab some fish in the Rooster event. Larry
reeled in an 18.03lb dolphin and had a white marlin release.

David Henson McNab is the boat’s
captain and spoke about being in Cayman for the fishing action.

“This is my second tournament that I’ve
attended in Cayman,” McNab said. “I was here 12 years ago. It’s a tough journey
coming from Roatan but it was worth the trip.

“We enjoyed it and there was plenty
of fish here. At that Rooster event we had a good time catching the dolphin and
hooking that marlin.”

Larry agreed and spoke about how
the event was a god-send for crew member Kirk Ducker.

“The Rooster tournament was the
first time Kirk went out and didn’t get wet,” Larry said. “He had such a good
time he was doing a barbecue while we were fishing on the boat. At this point I
must give props to Archie (Rivers) who I feel is the best bartender on the island.”

The McNabs hail from Roatan, the
largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands
and a known Caymanian stronghold. In fact the fishermen stated they had a
Cayman connection as their great grandfather was a Caymanian.

With the McNabs present, Honduras was
one of a number of countries represented in the international tournament. Among
the other nations were Canada,
the US and the Republic of Congo.

Like the rest of the other foreign
competitors the pursuit of cash prizes was a big draw for the McNabs. Over
US$100,000 was on offer with local angler Julia Hurlstone claiming the most
money with about $10,000 in winnings. Interestingly Ohio native Lee Sellenraad won
US$1000 and a free Cayman Airways ticket for the heaviest fish by an overseas
angler (63.5lb yellowfin tuna).

Last Thursday the McNabs left Grand Cayman out of the Barcadere Marina (which
graciously allowed them to dock their boat during their time here). Before
leaving David said he and his crew plan on coming back to win prize money.

“We’re definitely coming back next
year. We’re going to win a prize. We won’t give it up until we get one.”