ThE iZ looks to be on the up and up

Cayman’s newest band, ThE iZ, is getting
encouraging feedback since the launch of its debut album The Beach Club.

The group’s manager, Dane Ramoon,
said: “Album sales are
doing well, both locally and on iTunes. We’ve sold 1,000 units in the two weeks
since its official release.”

of singer/songwriter JG, Jonathan Cotterell, and Lonney Love, ThE iZ formed
earlier this year and has a sound which is a blend of
hip hop, RnB, pop and reggae.

According to Mr. Ramoon, the group
is off to New York at the end of the month to meet with representatives from
some major record labels.

ThE iZ is in the process of signing
a distribution deal
with a Japanese distribution company, which if it goes ahead will allow their
album to be sold worldwide.