Haitian attempts to rescue family

Haitian born Yzros Barton said she
is feverishly trying to raise funds to move her family out of the earthquake
ravaged nation to Jamaica before the rainy season.

Mrs. Barton has already had some
success, and managed to collect just over $2,000 after a recent outdoor sale
held at the Lion’s Centre. She said with that money, she has been able to
assist her relatives with obtaining three passports and some medical examinations.

“We have a letter of endorsement
from the Red Cross and are doing everything in our power to get them out of
that situation. What we cannot afford is for the rainy season to come down on
them while they are living in tents, as they are currently, there will simply
be too much disease and dissent,” she said.

Reports about the conditions Mrs.
Barton’s family are enduring have poured in from associates of hers who have
travelled to the island nation recently. She says she is appealing for anyone
who can help her with getting the individuals to Jamaica.

Another sale is planned by Yzros
and a group of supporters, which includes the Church of Latter Day Saints in
addition to the Red Cross.

She has also booked a charter
flight with American Airlines for people that are interested in making the trip
to Haiti to assist the situation on the ground, as well as to see the ordeal
first hand.

“We have some people who are
already committed to going. There is land there that is reserved for us outside
Port A Prince and from there we plan to distribute different goods, such as
clothing, tin foods and other supplies. However, for us to get the maximum
discount on the basis of a group rate, we will need to get up to 25 people,”
said Mrs. Barton.

Her mother was lucky enough to
leave Haiti one month before the earthquake decimated the Island of Haiti on 12
January, leaving over two hundred thousand people dead and millions more

For further information about how
to assist Mrs. Barton with her family’s plight, contact Yzros Barton 323-6932.