Chalice: Ready to blaze again

International reggae act Chalice
will be performing at Pedro St. James on Friday, 21 May.

The band, which became a household
name in the Caribbean during the 1980s, is celebrating its 30th
anniversary this year.

According to the Cayman Islands
Music and Entertainment Association, this is the fifth time Chalice will be gracing
a stage in Grand Cayman.

“Some of the younger generation may
not know Chalice but this band has contributed to the growth of music in the
Cayman Islands, probably more so than any other,” said Music and Entertainment
Association President Jean Smith.

He added that the band had
cultivated a close relationship with their fans in Cayman over the years, with
sell-out performances at the Lions Centre, that will no doubt resonate with
many from that time.

 The group is also still highly regarded in the
industry and has been lauded as one of the most relevant bands, along with Bob
Marley and Third World, during the 1980s.

This was the time many of Cayman’s
most notable performers were being initiated into the performing arts.

 According to Mr. Smith; “Chalice reigned for
years with a “sceptre” of quality music that encouraged us all, while showing
us where the music could go and how to make commercially viable reggae.”

As part of their visit, Chalice
will receive the Regional Recognition Award from the Cayman Music and
Entertainment Association, following in the steps of their counterparts Third
World, who received that honour while visiting the Cayman Islands for a concert
last year.

Members of the Cayman Islands Music
and Entertainment Association said it was important to recognise peers both
locally and regionally, as the latter would help to create synergy between
artists from different Caribbean islands.

Also performing on 21 May is local
veteran Lammie, who played at many of the shows Chalice played locally through
the years.

“The night is planned to be a
musical renaissance and return to the roots of the music,” said Hugh Merren of
the Music and Entertainment Association. He added that an night was the only
result of these seasoned musicians coming together for one night of song. 

Chalice has consistently been able
to draw crowds of more than 3,000 people in Cayman and organisers say this show
is promising to be as all the others.