Flames aim to heat up now

After a hard-fought regular season
the XN Financial Flames are gathering strength going into the hockey playoffs.

This weekend the side faces the dms
Bruins in the Novice division semi-finals. The Flames are led by Daniel Champoux
at Centre who has emerged as a late-season offensive threat and a lethal
scorer. Backing up Champoux is Turner Johnson (a dangerous power forward who
started in defense) and rookie Callum Smith.

Coach Dave Champoux, who will be
playing for the CDMS Islanders in the Cherry Cup this weekend as well, summed
up the Flames attack.

“After struggling through some
mid-season blues, Daniel appears to have rediscovered his “mojo” as he
dipsy-doodles his way end-to-end through heavy traffic on his way to some
spectacular goals late in the season,” Champoux said. “Turner has really turned
up the heat and is a big reason why the team feels red-hot. Don’t be surprised
to see Callum emerge as one of the top hockey players next fall as he will be
working on his skating every weekend.”

The attack is shored up by the
pairing of Megan Thompson (who has come on strong offensively) and Morgan
Brooks (a naturally quick and agile skater). Young Tess Ashman has seen more
playing time since mid-season and mans the pipes as the starting goaltender
against dms.

All of those kids will be backed by
a wave of substitutes. Leading the charge is Centre Ryan Godwin who is just
seven years-old and the team’s leading scorer during the regular season.
Backing up Goodwin is speedster Garrett Thompson, Joe Maxfield (who has been
recruited to play ice-hockey in Switzerland next fall), Will Jackson, Matthew
Nicol, Sophie Purdon (who made the jump from the Mite to the Novice division)
and Kayla Godwin.

Ultimately Coach Champoux says his
team has a positive playoff outlook.   

“The Flames may not have a lot to
show on the scoreboard for their efforts during the regular season, but they
definitely cannot be underestimated by the Bruins or any team in the playoffs.”