Glass court is a money spinner

The 2010 Cayman Open was a
great success, attended by eight of the top 10 women squash players in the
world and the best male players from the Caribbean. 

The venue, the Camana Bay
waterfront, was a picture perfect backdrop for the newly arrived, world-class
all-glass squash court. The event received widespread praise, including from
the current world champion, Nicol David of Malaysia, who said the event was one
of the best tournaments she had ever participated in. The tournament also
bought over $18,000 worth of squash equipment for the juniors, and with the
event’s profits going to the junior programmes, the tournament will eventually
inject over $40,000 into grassroots junior squash.

The transportable glass
court, which became a centerpiece of the event, arrived in Cayman from Mexico
in a 40-foot container and took three days to erect and two days to dismantle.
While the original plan was to rent the court again for the 2011 and 2012
tournaments, plans changed after Cedrus Investments, a local investment firm,
purchased the court for Cayman.

Housing a world-class squash
court offers numerous benefits to the Cayman. It ensures that the Cayman will
host the 2011 Cayman Open and the 2012 World Open, in addition to generally
attracting more sports tourism events, such as college squash and professional
tournaments. It also offers Cayman’s national team an international show court
to train in. It can also serve as a valuable tool in getting more kids and
schools involved in the sport.

Since the 2010 Cayman Open
concluded a month ago, Cedrus Investments’ Chief Investment Officer, Paul
Jackson, described how the progress in situating the court is going. Jackson said:
“We’re looking for the best home for the court that will enable the Cayman’s
national team and other players within the community, such as schools and
social squash players, to get the most out of it, as well as providing an
exciting forum for the Cayman and World Open championships.  While it will take us a few months to
finalize the arrangements, we believe the wait will be worthwhile.”

 David McNay, Cedrus’ Head of Business
Development, said: “Purchasing the court for the Cayman Islands is only the beginning
of Cedrus’ commitment to promoting squash in Cayman and promoting Cayman
internationally.  Currently, our pipeline
of commitments includes serving as the title sponsor for the 2011 Cayman Open
and 2012 World Open.”

 Cayman Islands National Squash Association
chairman Jeff Broderick said, “Cedrus has been a great asset to Cayman sports.
Their involvement in the squash tournament and how they’re helping the event
and junior squash grow is phenomenal. 
We’ve already begun organizing the 2011 tournament and having Cedrus
onboard as the Title Sponsor is wonderful news for the event.”

For further information on
Cedrus Investments Ltd. and the glass court visit or
contact Cedrus at [email protected]