Kidnapping charges sent to Grand Court

Separate inquiry set for Thursday

After a
preliminary inquiry that lasted over parts of several days, Richard Robert
Hurlstone, 32, and Allan Sywell Kelly, 40, were committed last Thursday to
stand trial in the Grand Court on charges of abduction, keeping a person in
confinement and blackmail.

The charges
relate to an incident that occurred in mid-March,when a young man was allegedly
induced by deceitful means to go to a particular address, where he was held
while unwarranted demands were made on his mother for ransom payment of

During the
inquiry, Solicitor General Cheryll Richards called three witnesses to give
evidence, not including the alleged victim. The witnesses were then questioned
by Hurlstone’s attorney, Anthony Akiwumi.

Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale heard submissions from Mr. Akiwumi, Kelly’s
attorney Clyde Allen, and Ms Richards. She considered there was sufficient evidence
to put the accused on trial. They are now to appear in Grand Court at the
opening of the new session on Wednesday, 7 July.

Two other men
charged in connection with the same incident chose to have their preliminary inquiry
without witnesses being called to give evidence in person. This “short-form”
inquiry is scheduled for Thursday, 3 June. The defendants are Wespie Mullings,
36, and Charles Webster, 28. They are represented by Attorneys John Furniss and
Ben Tonner. If the inquiry goes ahead as scheduled, the two accused will also
be committed to stand trial in Grand Court and appear there on 7 July.