Barefoot Man rocks Conch Republic

musician George Nowak, known to all as the Barefoot Man, wowed audiences at his
performance in Key West, Florida on 23 May.

Barefoot Man was the main act of a concert held by the Wesley House Family
Services, a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and nurturing
children in Monroe County, Florida.

was a cause that really resonated with the Key West locals,” said Barrie Quappe
of Cayman band Sea N’ B, which performed at the concert alongside the Barefoot

McKenzie, director of development at the family services organisation, said
that the concert attracted many loyal Barefoot fans to travel down to the Conch

all over the state of Florida were calling for tickets and saying how great he
was,” she said. “His fans absolutely love him … and I can understand why!
There were so many smiles on people’s faces, and everyone was dancing all night

concert was held in Mallory Square, a popular tourist destination in Key West,
where visitors gather every evening to be entertained by an array of jugglers,
mimes and travelling musicians. The area was fenced off for the special concert
which also included performances by Mrs. Quappe, Chuck Quappe and Mark
McTaggart of Sea N’ B, Ron “Elvis” Adams, and Howard Livingston.

was a sense of pride, not just among the performers, but also among our
long-time supporters,” said Mrs. Quappe, explaining that several fans of the
musicians travelled from Cayman to see the performance.

invitation to perform in support of the family services organisation came from
Key West Mayor Craig Cates’ wife, Cheryl Cates, who was blown away by
Barefoot’s music after watching his annual performance in the Bahamas.

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