Colombians in Grand Cayman vote in presidential elections

Despite a closely contested race,
only 30 per cent of Colombian nationals living in Grand Cayman, who are
registered to vote, did so in the first round of their country’s presidential
elections, last Sunday.

The electorate were voting from a
field of six candidates.

According to elections officials,
35 voters cast their ballots out of the 116 nationals who could have.
Approximately 1,500 Colombians are said to live on-island.

The front yard of a private
residence in Templeton Street, George Town was transformed into a polling
station from 8am to 4pm, on 30 May. Voting was supervised by the Colombian
Consul for Jamaica, Maria Claudia Giraldo, who flew in from Kingston
specifically for the occasion.

In an goodwill gesture, the Cayman
Islands Elections Office helped set up the polling station, ensured a police
presence and provided facilities to relay the results overseas.

Voting now goes to a second round,
on 20 June, as no one candidate secured the requisite number of votes for a
first round win.

This month’s run-offs will give
locally-based Colombians, like Christopher Baker, another chance to determine
who will lead Colombia.

The presidential run-off is a
two-man contest between the country’s former Defence Minister Juan Santos of
the conservative-leaning Social National Unity Party and Green Party candidate
Antanas Mockus, the former Mayor of Bogotá.

The outgoing President Alvaro
Uribe, a close ally of Mr. Santos, has been in power for eight years.


Colombian national Christopher Baker cast his vote in the first round of the Colombian presidential elections.
Photo: Elphina Magona

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