It’s time for summer camp

 It’s almost that time of year again.
A time that parents – especially those who have to work outside the home for a living – loathe.
But a time when youngsters can’t wait until that final school bell rings to signal the start of summer vacation.
Many families will venture to far away places for an annual holiday. Others will take part in staycations right here in the Cayman Islands, taking in the amenities of hotels and resorts here on Grand Cayman or in the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.
Still others will find themselves wondering what to do with their young charges once school is officially out.
Fortunately in the Cayman Islands there are many options for summer camps. All parents need to do is find the right fit for their youngsters.
Youngsters can learn a myriad of skills at the many camps on offer, and while there is a cost associated with most of the camps, parents will find the money well spent.
What could be more memorable for a child than to spend this summer learning something creative like how to cook or how to care for a pet pony.
Many of the camps will have a focus on fitness and well being.
We’ve read countless articles about obese children in the Cayman Islands. Attending a camp that teaches life skills on fitness would be a long-term benefit to any child. Enthusiasm gained through such a camp could easily spread throughout the entire family making them all adopt a healthier lifestyle.
This is also the perfect summer to learn something about the history and heritage of the Cayman Islands. There will be camps on offer that will teach children about our traditions; something we should all learn, cherish and pass on to future generations.
Members and nonmembers of the Cayman Islands National Trust have an opportunity to send their children to camp to learn about sea creatures, mangroves, butterflies, nature, recycling and arts and crafts.
Government will also be offering its usual plethora of summer camp activities this year. The Observer on Sunday will publish those camps as we get the information from Government. But those who are interested can log onto
Also check with churches, schools, independent organisations for summer camp offerings and ideas.
Children need to get out of the house and get active this summer. The best thing for them is to attend a summer camp.

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