TV channels move

Today (Friday) at midnight Cayman27
and Island24 move to cable channels 27 and 24 respectively.

The two free-over-air channels have
always been on UHF 24 and 27, but because there were only 12 cable channels
when WestStar began, they were placed on 9 and 12. As CITN readies for a broadcast
re-launch and exciting changes this summer, they felt it made sense to move the
two stations to the correlating cable channels.

This means that Fox moves to
channel 12 and Disney moves to channel 9. An electronic notice has been placed
on the two cable networks so that regular viewers know where to find their
favourite programmes.

Meanwhile, football fans can tune
into Cayman27 on cable 27 and Island24 on cable 24 for all of the World Cup
action live from South Africa starting this Friday, June 11th.

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