World Cup Scores (Tuesday)

Tuesday, 15 June

Game 1:

New Zealand 1 Slovakia 1 (Final)

Game 2:

Ivory Coast
0 Portugal 0 (Final)

Game 3:

Brazil 2 North Korea 1 (Final)


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  1. It is obvious that Weststar is using their "exclusive" World Cup coverage in order to get more money from their advertisers. Just another example of the second rate service we get and no consideration for viewers. The ESPN coverage (which we had on Saturday) is far superior to the Weststar coverage in terms of picture, play by play, and analysis. It is disgraceful that we cannot get the channels we pay for!

  2. The WestStar coverage of the World Cup is second rate. One lonely announcer who most of the time sounds like he is not at the game and no analysis. Even ESPN does a better job. My wife is not a soccer fan but likes to watch the World Cup. But she will not watch this coverage. I watch it in the absence of any choice but I am taking note of the advertisers who presumably may have caused this so I dont use their services if at all possible. On what legal basis can WestStar block ESPN, a channel I have legally subscribed for?

  3. Picture & sound aweful. Commentator is on his cell phone next to his TV at home.
    Come on Weststar…sort it out. You’ve only had four years to prepare!

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