Guadeloupe riders impress

Guadeloupe may not stand out in the
realm of sports in the Caribbean. But on Monday in the Cayman Islands they
proved they are as good as advertised in the sport of Jet Ski racing.

Team Guadeloupe claimed the top
prize at the 2010 Jet Around Cayman race, Cayman’s largest and most established
jet ski race. The trio of Christopher Lycoan, Vincent Thomas and Vincent Karam
claimed the top three spots in the pro class of the meet.

Lycoan (with an unofficial time of
1:12.19) came in first and nabbed the prize of US$6,000.

Coming into the race the Guadeloupe
team, considered an all-star squad of jet ski racers from that country, boasted
a number of championships. Karam, 29, boasts being world vice-champion two
years ago while Thomas and Lycoan are two of the country’s most promising
prospects. In a way it’s no surprise then that the side brought its own camera
crew that caught just about every angle of Jet Around Cayman on the beach and
on the water.

All of the riders speak in French
Creole as Guadeloupe is technically a French-speaking country. From what this
reporter could decipher Thomas and Karam stated they were not nervous before
the race as they had been on bigger stages in their careers. More than anything
they were grateful for the good weather (though it was a bit hot for their

Nevertheless Lycoan did say, in
broken English, that he was pleased to have competed in Cayman.

“It felt great to win and
everything went well,” Lycoan said. “Cayman is a great place and the people are
so friendly. I thank everyone who played a part in making this happen. We all
had a good time here and we intend to come back next year to win again.”

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