Florian taught well

Martial Arts fans in Cayman got a big practical boost last weekend. That is
because Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Kenny Florian and coach Peter
Welch were both on-island.

duo put on a pair of MMA seminars at the D Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gymnasium in
George Town last Saturday. Brought down by FAST Defense founder Bob Daigle, the
two stars held courses on the art of Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu

host of local MMA figures like Leif Ristimaki, Ronny Carroll and Flloyd Moxam
alongside notable newbies like real-estate agent Kerri Kanuga were among the
roughly 90 participants at the seminars. All got solid instruction on the art
of striking, grappling and countering. Among the moves taught were the standing
guillotine choke, the Americana (a variation of a shoulder lock) and the
outside leg kick.

had a hands-on approach for the seminars in more ways than one as he donned his
infamous Bulletman suits for full contact demonstrations from Welch. The next
step for the local MMA scene is a chance to travel to Boston this summer to
train at both Florian’s and Welch’s gyms. Daigle is spear-heading that
initiative which he says is as important as the seminars in establishing Cayman
as a MMA stronghold.

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