A second chance with Rotary’s Camelot on line

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman’s Camelot Auction, is an annual fundraiser for the service club’s community initiatives. It is always a keenly anticipated fun event and this year’s one held at Ritz-Carlton, on Friday, 21 May was no exception. The bidding raised more than $200,000 but this year for the first time, the fun of the auction does not stop with the event at the Ritz Carlton and the auction continues on line. John Felder,

Director of   the Fund Raising Committee for the Rotary Club explains, “Not everyone can manage to get to the auction at the Ritz  so we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to bid.”

The website is set up so you can make a wish list of items that you want to bid on. Once the bidding begins you simply have to click on your wish list and all the items that you selected will be listed,then all you have to do is post your bids.

Felder says they are already doing very well with bids received,  “all the vacation packages already have bids”. And no wonder, up for grabs are holidays as diverse as a trip for two to Monte Carlo, to a  six nights’ African photographic safaris for two people each at Zulu Nyala Game Preserve.  Other items that should catch lots of bids are a Tesla roadster worth $165 and a variety of  stunning jewellery.

Felder is also pleased with one little innovation on the site, “If anyone has outfitted you the system will gen erate an email to notify you so you can reassess your own bid.”

Bidding ends on 30 June. You can find out more at www.gcr.maestroweb.com

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