Royal Caribbean in emissions reduction trial

Caribbean cruises are trying a new system aimed at reducing greenhouse gas

cruise line company has said that by 2015 it will reduce its emissions footprint
by a third. It will be working with Ecospec to pilot test the CSNOx system on
Independence of the Seas, a regular visitor to Grand Cayman.

CSNOx system was introduced by Ecospec in January 2009, and is the world’s
first abatement technology reported to remove sulphur dioxide, oxides of
nitrogen and carbon dioxide from engine emissions in one process.

First operator

Caribbean is the first cruise operator to initiate a feasibility study with
Ecospec to explore the potential for installation of CSNOx systems on a cruise
ship, said Jamie Sweeting, global chief environmental officer and vice
president of environmental stewardship for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

day, we are actively researching methodologies and technologies that will reduce
our emissions of not only SOx and NOx, but also CO2 as part of our
comprehensive strategy to reduce our environmental impact.

guiding principle of Above and Beyond Compliance, which is ingrained in our
operating philosophy, challenges us to rise above what is required by law. We
are optimistic that the CSNOx system will help us to meet our goal.”

the CSNOx technology was installed and tested on White Sea, a Tanker Pacific
vessel in 2009.

results of this test, published by Ecospec in February 2010, revealed a 99 per
cent reduction of sulphur dioxide, a 66 per cent reduction in oxides of
nitrogen, and a 77 per cent reduction of carbon dioxide. Additionally, wash
water test results also surpassed the International Maritime Organization’s
exhaust gas cleaning discharge criteria. The Royal Caribbean pilot test is
expected to be completed by spring 2011.

Celebrity insight

Celebrity Cruises
have also launched a programme which enables guests to learn about the liner’s
environmental initiatives. Oceans Ahead takes place on their Solstice-class
ships and explains the steps the company is taking onboard to reduce emissions
and water consumption as well as increase recycling.


Royal Caribbean cruises are trying a new system aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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