Local artist wins prestigious residency in Bermuda

artist Joseph “Gumba” Betty has been selected from among hundreds of
international applicants for an artist in residence programme in Bermuda in
October – December 2011.

by the Masterwork Foundation on behalf of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda
Art, Mr. Betty will be an unofficial ambassador for Cayman for the programme.

confirmation letter sent by the museum it said: “Our mutual island communities
have much artistic heritage to share with each other.

is our hope that through your time in Bermuda you will learn and grow
artistically in our wonderful community, and share your experiences with the
residents of the Cayman Islands when you return there.”

in 1996, and with the Prince of Wales as its patron,  Masterworks’ Artist in Residence Programme
has been introducing  Bermuda to artists
from around the world including the US, England, Canada, Jamaica, Russia and

see this as a tremendous honour, especially as I’m the first artist to be
invited to take up the residency from the Cayman Islands,” said Mr. Betty.

in St George’s (UNESCO Heritage Site) in the Bermuda National Trust building,
Mr. Betty will work and create art for three months and share his artistic and
cultural experiences with the general public and Bermuda’s vibrant arts

his stay, the artist will conduct workshops, host a slide-show lecture, and
contribute to the museum’s other education programmes and classes.

the end of his stay, Mr. Betty will host a solo exhibition of his work, and
donate one piece to Masterworks Museum collection.

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