Casinos a polarising issue

Online poll

A slim majority of respondents to
last week’s online poll believe casino gaming should be
legalised in Cayman, but there are also strong opinions against such a measure.

The largest segment of respondents
– 228 people or 40.2 per cent – thought casino gaming should be legalised for

“We need to stop with all the
hypocrisy and get with the programme,” said one respondent. “All of our tourism
competitors are getting gaming. Why shouldn’t Cayman?”

“The government has to fund the
deficit somehow, and this is the least worst option,” said someone else. 

“Who has the right to tell a group
of people whether or not they can gamble?” commented another person. “We’re all

Another 63 people – 11.1 per cent –
thought casino gaming should be legalised just for tourists.

“Casinos for tourists and the
lottery for everyone.” said one respondent. “I realize that gambling may not be
welcomed in the Christian religions, but in a country with freedom of religion,
the freedom must be equal for all sides – otherwise there is no freedom at all.
This country needs the income gambling will bring; Lord knows the politicians
haven’t got a clue when it comes to economics.”

“Maybe then government could reduce
all import duties and we could all enjoy some reduced cost of living,” said
someone else.

“We shouldn’t let the Minister’s
Association dictate what is best for the Island,” said another person.

The second-largest segment of
respondents – 176 people or 31 per cent – said casino gaming shouldn’t be

“It will just cause more problems
for the island – guaranteed,” said one person.

“Casinos, wherever they are, bring
more malefaction to the community than benefits,” said someone else.

“Definitely not,” said another
respondent. “Does gambling bring good to anyone? Is it known that many people
get poor because they put all their money into gambling, hoping that they will
win the jackpot. Families suffer when the mother or father spend every dime on
this monster. We have not had gambling ever so why now? So the rich casino
owners can make more money? Gambling is like a drug. You get hooked on it and
it overtakes your life and splits up families. We have enough problems now; a
casino here would just mean big problems in a different disguise.”

Ninety-one respondents – 16.3 per
cent – said no to casinos but yes to a lottery.

“A lottery would be a good source
of revenue for Government,” said one person. 

Only 18 people – 1.4 per cent –
responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question.

“It’s up to people eligible to vote
in political elections so there should be a referendum,” said one respondent.

Next week’s online poll question:

Do you think more of Cayman’s police officers should carry guns?