Digicel scores in West Bay

Digicel is going beyond
expectations to promote the World Cup. First the telecommunications giant sent
two lucky residents to South Africa for matches. Now at-risk youth are getting
in on the fun.

This week Digicel Cayman presented
the residents of the Bonadventure Boys and Frances Bodden Girls Home on
Northwest Point Road in West Bay with FIFA World Cup kits. Roughly 10
youngsters got a free football, T-shirt and duffle bag. On-hand for the
presentations was Digicel CEO Victor Corcoran and a number of kids including
Shamika Levy, Carlo Webster, Yoana Swaby, Benjamin Robinson and Shandi

Corcoran stated the company was
happy to thrill the kids. “To celebrate Digicel being the official regional
broadcast sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2010, Digicel is pleased to provide
Digicel FIFA gifts to the youngsters in the care of the Frances Bodden Girls
Home and Bonadventure Boys Home.

“Our youths are important to the
continuation and future development of the society and sports. Digicel is
passionate about engaging them in activities that are positive outlets for
their skills and talents.”

All of the youngsters showed great
pride in receiving the gifts. Many donned the shirts and were quick to play
with the footballs. Among the happy recipients was Shamika Levy, 15.

A resident of the Girls Home for
nearly a year, Levy stated the donation touched her. “It makes me feel part of
the World Cup and part of the excitement. It makes me feel special because
Digicel are part sponsors and everything.

“I hope this makes people see that
they need to put more consideration and thought into us. Generally when people
think of the girls home they think of bad girls. It is not only children with
bad behaviour that are here. A lot of kids just need somewhere to go.”

An adherent of the John Gray
Memorial Church in West Bay, Levy gave her feelings on the World Cup.

“Brazil is my favourite team and
Kaka is my favourite player. I like him because he’s cute, he can play good and
his name is unique. The team has a lot of potential. Netball is my favourite
sport though with the World Cup on I got to pay attention good to everything.”

After this week’s 3-0 defeat over
Chile in the round of 16, Brazil has a lot of fans here. As a result many
locals will be watching the South Americans on Friday as they take on Arjen Robben
and Holland in the quarter-finals. Among them is Boys Home resident Benjamin
Robinson, 12.

“I feel very special that Digicel
gave the kits to us. It’s not the first time I’ve got a football as my dad
Dalton Robinson gave me a football for Christmas. I support Brazil and Kaka and
I believe they can go far in the World Cup.”

Ultimately for Bonadventure Boys
Home Care Manager and Rotary Sunrise member Tony Scott Digicel’s donation illustrates
the importance of sports in society.

“It’s just at the most opportune
time. The youngsters are really into the World Cup and what is going on. For
Digicel to do something likes this makes the kids so enthused. At this time the
World Cup is more than just the “in thing,” it’s a welcome introduction to the
period when we’ll be talking about summer camps. Those camps are often a great
time to get involved in sports, especially in these times.

“I think we as adults don’t take
the time to talk to the youngsters and show them that we care about them. We
can’t forget we were young once too and we appreciated people taking time for
us and showing us they cared about our well-fare and well-being.”

Of course Scott was eager to share
his feelings on the World Cup. Like many of the kids he oversees he is a big
Brazil fan (he even has a flag on his work truck).

“Brazil is my team though Messi
stands out. I love how he plays and runs off the ball.”