No vote for Premier during finance committee?

McKeeva Bush took on a new responsibility under Cayman’s Constitution in June
as the chairman of Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee.

Financial Secretary Ken Jefferson had led the meetings during which MLAs go
over Cayman’s public budget in detail. Members of the committee vote on each
individual spending item as it comes up for review.

Mr. Jefferson did not vote on the various items as committee chairman unless a
casting vote was required to break a tie.

government minister with responsibility for finance, Mr. Bush now has to
preside over finance committee meetings.

Standing Orders

he’s apparently lost his ability to vote on budget items in doing so, according
to Legislative Assembly Standing Orders.

premier was none too pleased to learn about this, it seemed.

find it hard to believe that we would have set up a system…that we would have an
elected member chairing and that member loses his vote,” Mr. Bush said.

Jefferson was appointed to the financial secretary’s position by the governor,
and was not an elected member of the house under the old Constitution.

Mr. Bush said he
would seek legal advice on the matter.


Mr. Bush