Sound clash will be explosive

and artists will be in action as the battle for the title of Cayman’s greatest
soundclash artist begins.

One competition takes place at Margaritaville tonight, Friday 2 July, for the
play-off of the annual contest, during which artists compete against each other
by creating new music over special mixes of studio tracks known as dub plates.

known for these clashes but I eased off the market for a little while and then
I came back. Everyone was surprised to see Super C ‘cause I’m known as the
veteran cause I’ve been in it so long. I came back and surprised them all last
year, showed them that I still have it and still can hold my own with the
younger guys that are coming up. But people say that if I’m not in there
there’s no clash,” said Super C, last year’s winner.

of those younger sound systems will be Coalition Sound, whose DJ Lin reckoned
will have a secret weapon in Scatta Hype on the mic.

can use the music to tell a story. I’ve been voicing dub plates for the last
seven years but this is the first soundclash that we’ll be entering,” said DJ

Dub Plates

comes down to the quality of the dub plates, reckoned Super C, who rates the
old plates by the likes of Alton Ellis as consistently big tunes. It depends on
the crowd, however, he said, because younger crowds sometimes prefer the newer

prize this year is $5,000 plus an opportunity to play at Fully Loaded 2010 in
Jamaica. It’s an event, agreed all performers, that comes with some cachet.

have to be fully loaded – with remixes, dub plates, and you have to play all
genres of music like hip hop, dancehall, a wide variety of old and new sounds.
It features DJs, stage performers, reggae singers and artists and is a really
big event,” noted DJ Lin of Coalition Sound.

C can attest to the opportunities engendered by an appearance at Fully Loaded.
He said that last year, he met sound systems and performers from all over the
world, including Canada, New York, Australia and many Jamaican sound systems.

I played my segment the guys were surprised. They didn’t think there was sounds
like this from Cayman but when I play Supercat or Shabba Ranks on dub plate
they couldn’t believe I could find these artists so it brought my respect,
being in it for so long and having those kind of dubs,” continued Super C, who
noted that he subsequently was offered two gigs in Jamaica on the back of his

on the bill are Killer Force and Profile Sound. The two winners will go on to
compete for the championship on Friday, 9 July. Both this week and next there
will be giveaways and Heineken drink specials, said organisers.

is gonna be one of the most explosive clash events the audience will ever see:
you’re gonna have new artists, veterans, old versus new and a combination of
many different styles of music – explosive is the only word,” promised DJ Lin.