Cayman week in sound bites

 “Being Caymanian is not enough. We must be Caymanians with merit.” Education Minister Rolstan Anglin, saying that the University College of the Cayman Islands under the previous government was a ‘dysfunctional institution’ not producing job-ready graduates for the local workforce.

“It beats being behind a desk in Lausanne right now, so I’m really happy. It is my first time [in the Cayman Islands]. I’ve been so spoiled and so welcomed that it doesn’t feel like work at all.” — Jordanian Princess Haya bint Al Hussein on her visit to the Cayman Islands Equestrian Centre.

“It’s only because it’s McKeeva Bush. If I had come out of George Town they wouldn’t say anything.”  — Premier McKeeva Bush on an FOI request about Government expenditure, which revealed that both Premier Bush and Governor Duncan Taylor’s housekeepers and home utilities are paid for by taxpayers

“You can’t see them from the road, they are all stacked up. I’m sure they present a public health hazard. There are people living in there as well.” — MLA for East End Arden McLean, on the problem of derelict cars in George Town.

“The one impact we may have is timeliness. Of course, quality will not be compromised.” — Complaints Commissioner Nicola Williams, speaking to lawmakers  about her office budget being reduced.

“We must put the necessary legislation in place that will give us a competitive advantage in what will be a very hungry market. We must make sure inward and internal investment is encouraged and not hindered with ineffective or outdated bureaucracy.” — Chamber President Stuart Bostock.