Finding and exploring your fashion personality

 In this fantastically fashionable era, never before have women had access to such a vast array of different fashion styles.

However, all that choice  can be very confusing. Fashion experts are always telling us to pick just a few fashion items and wear them in a way that expresses our own unique style and personality. But it can take a few mistakes stuffed in the back of the wardrobe before one gauges one style.

Here in Cayman it should be simpler to express one’s personality and style. For a start, it’s easier to wear colours than in a gray climate, and we do not have to worry about adding layers or coats and boots.

Designers usually adopt certain themes for their collections, and whether you adopt a whole look or just pick items is entirely up to you. Alternatively, get some tips from the stars.

The classic look
Classic clothes are all about simple but beautifully cut clothes in understated colours.

Jennifer Anniston wears this look well; casually she teams cargo pants or jeans with T-shirts, or shift dresses that always look classy.

Shift dresses, which have been around since the ‘60s when Jackie Onassis made them chic, should be well cut and not overtly tight or short. The best ones come in natural cottons and linen in subtle colours, though silk in jewel colours works for evening wear. For a casual look, wear them with good, flat leather sandals and jazz them up in the evening with delicate sandals.

Another classics staple is a good quality white or black shirt, which looks good with jeans, well-cut black pants or skirts.

Bohemian or La Boheme – is the French word that was previously used to describe a band of gypsies travelling through Bohemia.

This hippie-friendly style is a lot of fun, but it involves a bit of extra work as you need to layer and mix a variety of patterns and colours while keeping an overall balance in mind.

The danger of this style is that you end up looking like a travelling gypsy instead of an interestingly artistic and free-spirited woman.

Sienna Miller made this style very much her own.

The look is about mixing fabrics and prints and requires lots of bold and funky accessories like headbands and exotic bangles. It also works with denim.

Teaming a pair of denim shorts with a flouncy, coloured blouse and gladiator sandals gives you the look.

Any kind of long, flowing hippie skirt with belts and lots of accessories is also a signature of this look. Add a suntan and long, flowing sun-kissed hair, and you are there.

The bombshell needs confidence and a stunning figure. The hit pop singer J-Lo is a major trend setter for this style, which usually involves clothing made to be figure tight.

A stretchy mini dresses in bright patterns or anything that plunges at the front or back requires super-high heels at all times. Another good look is tight-fitting straight-leg jeans with a bustier-type top.

Skirts should be pencil tight and worn with low cut T-shirts or blouses.

The followers of the preppy style are optimistic, happy people, so only wear this style if you can be that person. Polo and Oxford shirts are essential pieces to create the preppy look. Whether you choose long- or short-sleeved ones, these will give you many options for achieving great combinations. To adopt an original preppy look, choose a refined, Ivy League look.

Get some inspiration from old English movies that show university students in their formal garb. Combine polo shirts with pencil skirts or short plaid ones. Pastel colours, khaki and tan are highly appreciated among preps. However, if you would like to have a brighter look, then you can wear pleated skirts with a vivid coloured shirt. Polo dresses are bang-on trend, especially striped ones. Choose from the signature patterns of preppy style: polka dots, stripes, argyle and plaid.

Pants and shorts: Bermudas are must-haves of this look for both boys and girls. These go with any kind of plain or patterned top.  Jeans should never have any discolouration or rips.

Shoes: Preppy girls should opt for ballet flats or ribbon flip-flops. However, if you want to combine it with a modern look, you can opt for leather high heels

Ethnic Fashion
This style is suited for people who are committed to all things eco and want to wear their commitment. Clothes can come from anywhere in the world but best if it’s something handmade by an indigenous tribe. Bright colours and tribal patterns feature in dresses and tops. Embroidery also works well.

Clothes should be made from fabrics such as organic cotton or, if you are really committed, hemp.

If you are wearing jeans, make sure you team them with a T-shirt that gives an eco message.

Accessories are also a must here: things like brown-beaded belts, thick wooden bangles, and tribal necklaces with shells or beads as pendants.