Letters to the Editor: Take some quiet time

spend a lot of time talking in our lives. We talk about what we want or what we
need; what we will do with what we don’t have. We talk about other folks and
what they have and what they need or what they need to do with what they have.

justify, make excuses, defend, rationalise or even convince ourselves of things
that we often know for sure is wrong. We talk about it, at it, around it and
through it. We even talk ourselves out of it and into it. Talk, Talk,

know those moments in life when we get so confused and overwhelmed and run
around talking to everyone that will listen in search of the answers. The end
result usually is that we just become more confused by all of the different
opinions and end up with an overload of information that we have no idea what
to do with. At those times we realise that if we make this decision, our best
friend will be disappointed in us or if we make that decision our mother will
think we’re crazy. 

is in those times that we especially need to stop talking. When we stop, we can
find the answers that were always there all along. 

here is a suggestion. Why don’t we just quiet down for a moment. 

we quiet down we hear; when we talk, we sometimes miss the picture.

talking and listen. 

to our heart and our gut. 

to the sounds around us: nature, music, children playing, and other people’s

down and breathe and listen to the sounds of our breath. 

quietness comes stillness and with stillness comes clarity. If you’re pondering
what to do, what’s next or where to from here then quiet down, wait for a
moment and it will come. So advice of the week: Note to self, to find the
answers, quiet down so we can hear ourselves think!

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