Album launch a compliment

in the Cayman Islands for a show recently, reggae band Chalice made history by
launching their new album Let it Play at Funky Tangs — the first international
reggae group to do so.

record is the first release of its kind in the Cayman Islands, which we take as
an extreme compliment, as many bands choose to launch their records in their
home countries or in larger markets,” said Cayman Islands agent for Chalice,
Brenda Archer.

a telephone interview with lead singer for the band, Wayne Harmond explained
the thinking behind the decision.

have done this record independently and therefore we don’t have the constraints
we had when we were on a label. We wanted bring this album directly to our fans
and there certainly are quite a few die-hard fans for Chalice than in the
Cayman Islands.”

artist said, “If we have the kind of reception for the record in Jamaica like
we have had in the Cayman Islands so far, trust me that would be really good.”

band, which has been playing to audiences and recording music for more than 30
years, is one of the groups, whose music is considered to be a rite of passage
into the world of roots rock reggae, in the reggae fraternity.

Harmond said he was not too worried about the digital-age piracy that has
discouraged many artists from getting involved with music and is crippling
intellectual property everywhere.

have to put the faith in those who control that part of things, as we do with
pilots when we are on an airplane,” he said.

said that the motive for Chalice was simply to make the best music they could
possibly create and let that be their vehicle to other opportunities.

thanked all in Cayman for their support for Chalice since the band’s beginning
in the ‘80s, adding that it was very special to have the members of the Memory
of Justice band on stage during Chalice’s performance.

have always loved those guys, especially John. His character and the special
abilities he displays on his instrument are next to none. I have high regard
for John and the rest of MOJ not only as musicians but as people.”

next stop for Chalice on their independent album promotion juggernaut is Miami,
where the groups will do a series of interviews, performances and other
promotional activities.