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Statistics for Living Conditions

In the housing part of the Survey of Living Conditions 2006/2007  there were a number of questions on various housing issues:

Lighting Used Most    Per cent   
Electricity (CUC, Brac Power)    93.7
Electricity-Private Generator    4.9
Other    0.8
Not Stated    0.6
Total    100

Electricity was the main type of energy used for cooking as about 57 per cent of all households used electricity for cooking. Poor household more often used LPG/cooking gas while richer households are more likely to use electricity for cooking.

Cooking Fuel Used Most    Per cent   
Gas/LPG/Cooking Gas    41.8
Electricity    56.7
Other    0.5
Not Stated    0.9
Total    100

A significant proportion of households (about 94 %) used electricity from public service providers for lighting. Private generators were most common among the richest households. It seems that the use of renewable energy for lighting was almost non-existent in the Cayman Islands in the spring 2007

Main Source of Water Supply    Per cent
Mains (city water or desalinated)    84.2
Cistern, Rain or Truck    7.2
Well    7.6
Other    0.2
Not Stated    0.9

More than 84 per cent of households had mains (city water or desalinated) as their main source of water supply.

Type of Sewerage System    Per cent
Mains (West Bay Road)    13.1
Sewerage Treatment Plant    10.1
Septic Tank or Cesspool    72.0
Deep Well    2.1
Not Stated    2.7

The disposal of sewerage did not seem to be a large problem in the Cayman Islands as 72 per cent had a septic tank or cesspool. No household reported the use of an outhouse/pit latrine.

Source: Cayman Islands National Assessment of Living Conditions 2006/2007;
Volume I Main Report
Volume IV Technical and Statistical Appendices to the Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budgetary Survey (SLC/HBS)