Summer make-up trends

When the heat of summer settles over Cayman, the humidity and
constant glare can do a number on your skin: Clogged pores, peeling noses, and
running make-up are the bane of any woman trying to look good in the sun.

But you can beat the heat and still
be fashion-forward by protecting your skin from the sun, cleansing daily, and
adding bursts of summer colour to your make-up palette.

Take the drama out of your day and
save your smoky eyes and deep red lips for those hot summer nights. Instead,
stick to natural, blushing nudes and bright bursts of Caribbean colour to keep
your face fresh during the heat of the day.

About Face

The ultimate trend in make-up is
one that is never out of fashion: a complexion free of blemishes that maintains
a healthy glow.

“Your foundation and your make-up
is only as good as your skin,” says MAC Cosmetics Manager Shannon Fannin,
adding that, “the first step is making sure your skin is clean and moisturized.”

Since heat opens pores and makes
them vulnerable to dirt particles, it is important to clean your face with a
cleanser gentle enough to use daily.

Beauty experts agree, however, that
the product most essential during the summer is sunscreen.

“Sunscreen is vital,” says Ms

Protect your skin from the sun’s
damaging rays with traditional sunscreen and make-up products that contain a
Sun Protection Factor of 15 or higher.

“It’s important to have make-up
that has sunscreen so that throughout the whole day you’re protected,” says
Dawn Bodden, Spa Manager at Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa.

Ms Bodden recommends Jane Iredale’s
PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation with SPF 20, which can be found at Beyond
Basics. This powder foundation will not melt in the sun, and the SPF will
prevent sun damage. And, since it is made of natural minerals, this foundation
is also safe for sensitive skin and will not clog pores.

For a safe way to get that
sun-kissed look without sacrificing your skin, turn to self-tanning lotions
that bronze without burning.

“We don’t necessarily want to sun
our faces, but you can warm your skin up,” said Ms Fannin.

Jergen’s Natural Glow self-tanning
lotion, which can be found in most supermarkets on-island, also now comes in a
formula especially designed for your face to give you a subtle sun-kissed glow.
It packs SPF protection and is available in tones suited for a range of skin

Just-Kissed Lips

Coral and peach tones are making a
come-back this summer alongside dewy nudes that will give a subtle just-kissed
look to your lips.

More important than colour,
however, is protection.

As with the rest of your face, it
is important to keep your lips well-moisturised and protected from harmful
UVA/UVB rays.

“The skin is so completely different
from the rest of your face,” explains Ms Fannin, “it’s so tender and thin.”

MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner with
SPF 15 provides the protection and nourishment your lips need – it conditions,
moisturises, and protects lips from the sun. The sheer tint of colour also
comes in the hot shades of summer: coral, fuchsia, beige and plum.

The Eyes Have It

You say ‘summer’, and some people
only hear ‘beach’. But make-up does not always mix well with sand, surf and

Aside from waterproof sunscreen,
waterproof mascara is also at the top of most women’s lists of summer beauty
essentials, but the staying-power of this formula comes at a price.

“The only thing about waterproof
mascara is that it’s difficult to get off,” says Ms Bodden.

She explains that, if women do not
use make-up remover, trying to remove the mascara can be difficult: “It can be
kind of harsh on the eyelashes,” she says.

So, whether you turn to Maybelline,
Lancome or Cover Girl for waterproof mascaras, the most important accessory to
your beach-ready lashes is a gentle make-up remover.

If you don’t plan on getting wet,
but want to draw inspiration from the beautiful Cayman beaches, then look for
eye shadows in turquoise, green and coral tones.

MAC’s summer shadows come in
Shimmermoss, Sand & Sun, Humid, Firecraker, and Sweet & Punchy, bright
colours perfectly suited for summer days at the beach.

Avoid overdoing your look by either
having bright lips or bright eyes – never both.

And, while in the sun, be sure to
remember to protect your eyes from damage. Cover up with a pair of oversized
shades, which have topped fashionistas’ must-have lists for the past few years.