Why, we ask

On these pages of this week’s
Observer on Sunday you will find a new column called, ‘Why?’

week one of our journalists will tackle an issue to encourage our readers to
ponder the why’s of the subject and contact us.

can read the Why column in each Observer on Sunday and respond at
www.caycompass.com, register and make comments.

will pose the question Why? on a number of different subject matters ranging
from why we do not have a conservation law, to why do people smoke.

week’s Why column concerns direct taxation and basically toys with the question
Why Cayman needs direct taxation.

are in no way saying that Cayman needs direct taxation, we are merely trying to
get our readers and online viewers to comment on what has become a very
contentious subject with many who live in the Cayman Islands.

we have opined in our sister publication, the Caymanian Compass, government is
between a rock and a hard place. It cannot get through this budget crisis
without the ability to raise money.

of 1 July we are paying a consumption tax every time we put petrol in our
vehicles, run our air, conditioners, turn on our dishwashers, leave the lights
on in an empty room – basically every time we do anything that consumes fuel.
It’s a sure bet our electricity bills are going to go up because of the fuel
duty increase.

places where we shop and work are also going to be hit hard with the fuel tax,
so businesses are going to have to find a way to minimise electricity usage and
retailers will have to find a way to pay the extra tax without being too much
of a burden on their loyal shoppers.

more we consumer, the more we’re going to have to pay under this new tax.

government had no other reasonable choice for this tax. Direct taxation in the
form of an income/payroll tax would be detrimental to this country and our
lucrative financial industry. Businesses – and not just financial – would pack
up and leave our shores very quickly; not a good way to nation build.

Observer on Sunday hopes we have piqued your interest with our new Why column
and that you will go to www.caycompass.com and make a comment.

why columns will take a look at our lack of a conservation law, corruption, the
landfill and more. We should all be asking Why.