Texting goes astray

Twenty percent of Britons have
managed to send racy texts to the wrong person, and nearly one in 10 has been
caught red-handed “sexting,” according to a new poll.

Under-25s are the most careless,
with 43 per cent admitting to sending fruity texts to the wrong contact. Men
and women were equally guilty.

“Text and picture messaging
has now become so second nature that people are less cautious, leading to
messages frequently going astray,” said Keir McConomy, Managing Director
of SellMyMobile.com which commissioned the survey.

“A key aspect of text
messaging is that it allows a more detached method of communication. This was
part of its initial popularity and a likely explanation for the large number of
people willing to send out explicit content.”

The survey of 1,097 mobile phone
users also revealed that one in five respondents fail to wipe their phones of
personal content such as contacts, messages and pictures before selling, giving
away or recycling their mobiles.


Mobile phone users in Britain are having trouble sending their text messages to the correct person.
Photo: File