Rainy days call for preparation

We complain that there’s not enough
rain, and when it arrives, we complain about the rain. Ah, are we ever

Since it’s only weather and we can
do nothing about it, taking proactive steps can help you manage rainy days with
less stress and greater ease.

Simple steps save a lot of time and
frustration. They can also keep you safe. Lifestyles, with Donna, offers tips
for rainy days to help you keep stress low and your attitude positive.

Accept what the day brings. In many
countries, rain is seen as a blessing.

Give yourself extra time (15-30
minutes) for driving and keeping your time commitments.

Be prepared with rain gear. Buy a
hooded rain coat and at least two umbrellas. Keep one umbrella in your car and
one in your home.

Keep an old pair of shoes, crocs or
flip-flops in your car for heavily flooded areas. Remember how it can be to
step out of your car into inches of water.

Plan alternatives for indoor
exercise if you are unable to exercise outside. Dust off the treadmill, pull
out the yoga mat or use one of the exercise tapes you have.

Keeping active can help dispel
feelings of depression that often accompany rainy days. Walking in the rain can
also be fun.

Eat warming foods, like soups.

Use the opportunity to relax more,
rest more and complete home or creative projects that are often put aside on
sunnier days. Adapting to environmental changes in a positive and proactive
manner will help you manage the stresses and frustration associated with rainy weather.
This, in turn, will affect health and well-being in a beneficial manner.


Keep rain gear handy to keep the raindrops off.
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