Aqua Cayman ready to set sail

After some initial controversy
about the appropriateness of a floating restaurant and bar in Cayman’s waters,
Bernie Bush’s Aqua Cayman is ready to set sail in style, according to the
craft’s owner.

Mr. Bush said the 115-foot-long,
40-foot-wide craft is equipped with all the requisite amenities for first-class
travel and pointed out that in addition to five bathrooms, including one for
disabled people, there is a life boat, and life vests, as safety is of paramount

“Everything is compartmentalized so
there is no chance of any particular problem spreading, and everything can be
controlled from the cockpit,” said Mr. Bush, “Everything has a back-up system –
the toilets, water pumps, absolutely everything.”

Fully outfitted

The vessel, which can accommodate
up to 350 people, has two generators, each of which could run a two-storey
building, as well as 15 tonne air-conditioning unit, which serves just one section.
Most homes use a 5-tonne air conditioner, which the boat also has two of.

Mr. Bush said the boat is propelled
by jet engines, as opposed to a propeller, which allows the craft to move more
like a wave runner.

Aqua Cayman will serve a number of
purposes, according to its owner, including honeymoons, charters, office
parties, fundraisers, concerts, weddings, pre-wedding parties and other private
engagements, in addition, the floating restaurant and bars will eventually
serve patrons at Sting Ray City, though Mr. Bush pointed out that initially the
service will only be taking private bookings. 

He said the vessel was used for the
same purposes in its previous home on South Beach, Miami, Florida. While he is
optimistic about the tourism market picking up, Mr. Bush said he will
nevertheless actively seek out Caymanian business.

“I want this to be something that
both locals and tourists look forward to enjoying, a place where they can all
come together and have a great time,” he said. “We have enough between the two
markets to keep things buoyant.”

With more than three decks, a
buffet area, a state-of-the-art kitchen, dining and recreation centres, a dance
floor and cameras around the vessel, as well as two Global Positioning Systems,
and depth finders, the vessel can also make long journeys for vacation

Patrons’ food choices

As far as what type of food will be
served and other services provided, Mr. Bush said he is leaving that up to the

“We will be offering our customers
the option of having their own catering on trips or, alternatively, they can
choose to have their food prepared by our own five-star chef on the boat. We
will also be offering some of the famous signature dishes from around Grand
Cayman from cooks known for various specialities.”

No dogs or pets are allowed on Aqua
Cayman, though children are welcome. The operation, which will employ roughly
eight staff, is expected to have an all Caymanian crew, according to Mr. Bush,
who added that he has already booked several businesses and charters.

A website dedicated to serving Aqua Cayman’s prospective customers
should be online soon, Mr. Bush said, and those interested in chartering the vessel
may contact him at [email protected]