Doing the stylish shoe shuffle

While the last
year was all about soaring with heels, this year is about supporting the heels with platforms. The platform heels with 4
inches or more rule the roost. These platform heels not only look chic and sexy
but also are not as uncomfortable as stilettos. They also come in lots of fun

back platforms, peep-toed platforms, and sandals with bows in leather or suede,
platforms with sequins, platforms with straps, wraparound strappy sandals, cage
sandals, croc embossed, etc not only look chic and sophisticated but also a
little bit racy. That does not mean that stilettos or heels are out they are
still around in gladiator type styles and peep toes. Square or trapezoid heels
give support.

A relief from towering heels, with flat sandals,
comfort is the keyword for the fashion trend this year. Designers are choosing
comfort and practicality over motley and strange forms of last year but that
does not mean style has to be sacrificed. Sandals in bright colours with beads,
jewels and sequins brighten up the practical element. Gladiator sandals are
still about as is the cuff sandal in metallic colours.