Constitution Week marked in the Sister Islands

The recent Constitution Week
observance included a full-day visit to Cayman Brac. Government officials,
civil servants and others met the Constitutional Commissioners and were
reminded that their involvement in the continuing process is critically important.

During the visit, under the week’s
theme Working Our Constitution, two major objectives were discussed: current
constitutional developments and the future implications of these changes.

Acting Governor Donovan Ebanks led
the visiting contingent, which included chairpersons of the four Constitutional
Commissions:  Karin Thompson, who heads
the Commission for Standards in Public Life; Al Ebanks, chair of the
Constitutional Commission; Richard Coles, head of the Human Rights Committee;
and Dan Scott, chair of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

Sister Islands’ officials included
District Commissioner Ernie Scott and his deputy, Mark Tibbetts.

Also in attendance were
Constitutional Secretariat Manager Deborah Bodden and Strategic Policy Adviser
Peter Gough.

Referring to the new Constitution,
which was introduced last November, the acting governor said, “This is a
significant upgrade, one that strengthens the institutions of governance. These
will provide new opportunities as we move into a new decade.” 

Highlighting the importance of the
Constitutional Commissions, he added, “We are grateful that these Commissioners
have stepped forward to offer their services.” 

“We have already gone through some
significant changes in public administration during this decade,” he said. He
described recently-revised legislation as being “in the best interest of the
people of the Cayman Islands,” adding, “we will, in time, look back at the
revisions with appreciation.”

Mr. Gough outlined the provisions
of the new governing document. His presentation was followed by individual
introduction of the commissioners, as well as question-and-answer sessions with

More information on the Cayman
Islands’ constitutional process and the new document can be found on the
Constitution website: 
Information on the Human Rights Commission can be found at  Contact
the Constitutional Secretariat on 244-3685 or fax 945-8649.