Chamber Green Business

Water Authority-Cayman has taken the CI Chamber of Commerce ‘Environmental Pledge’ and is committed to playing an active role to protect our natural resources for future generations.  The Authority has taken on the responsibility of participating in the ‘Alphasoft Toner Recycling Program’.  Used toner cartridges are kept and given to Alphasoft Ltd. who then ships the cartridges off the island to be recycled.  This helps to lessen the amount of trash and harmful chemicals that we put in our landfill. 
Water Authority-Cayman is dedicated to supporting the Environmental Pledge and help keep the environment safe, healthy and clean for generations to come, one toner cartridge at a time.
Mail Boxes Etc. uses environmentally-friendly cardboard and recycled packing materials such as crushed craft paper and shredded paper. They also re-use plastics such as air-cushions and foam packing peanuts. Their particular packaging techniques prevent unnecessary waste and promote the efficient use of packing materials while ensuring the integrity of the contents.
Cartridge Smart helps you recycle your printer cartridges and save up to 50% on your cartridge costs. Buying fewer cartridges means less plastic in the land fill too.
Phoenix Construction has for many years been working with innovative products but when Fosters Food Fair came to them wanting an energy cost cutting solution to their new Savannah supermarket they had just the product. Using acrylic stucco paneling and insulating expanded polystyrene they managed a 20 -25 % reduction in energy consumption and cost over a period of a year.
Cayman Automotive Leasing, Marketing & Sales, Ltd. is the first and only company in the Caribbean selling electric vehicles at this time. These eco-friendly vehicles do not pollute the air and reduce the carbon footprint on our Island. They will soon announce the first solar panel charging station which will represent the next first in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Brewing Company is the only company that recycles bottles in the Cayman Islands and they also offer a $2 return on every case! In addition to bottles they also recycle their water from the brewing process and use it for irrigation, and give their spent grain to farmers for feed for their livestock. This forward thinking company is also starting a policy of returnable beer crates that will keep these big lumps of plastic out of the dump. Home automation is often associated with luxury living but did you know it can also reduce your energy consumption drastically.
I-Systems who specialize in home automation says that installing one Vantage Dimmer in every home in the U.S. would save $230 million in electricity per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 4.3 billion pounds a year – the equivalent of taking 370,000 cars off the road.