Annie’s school of beauty

If you want to look your best from head to
toe then it should not be hard in Cayman with all the beauty salons out there
offering different treatments.

But beauty salons are not just about turning
out pretty faces they also provide employment and with such a demand for beauty
services it would seem that  a beauty
school to train people locally would be an advantage, at the moment salon
owners either have to train up girls themselves or recruit overseas. It has
been a number of years since there was a school on island but salon owner
Anmarie Logan has decided to change that and she will open Annie’s School of
Beauty Art and Technology in September.

Anmarie has been operating her own beauty salon,Annie’s
beauty salon, since 1987 and over the years has trained many girls in beauty
skills. She believes that it is not cost effective for small salons to be
hiring employees from overseas and also she wants to give Caymanians a start up
in what can be a very satisfying career. She explains, “The cost of personnel
can account for up to 80% of the cost of operating the salon.  Take into account work permit fees,
accommodation costs, airline tickets, and it can rack up a significant chunk
off the  revenue for a business.” But it
is not just about economics it is also about helping the local community. “What
has inspired me is that we are helping more Caymanians into the cosmetology
field, they live here, they know the culture. I think its a brilliant idea for
all the salons in Cayman.”

For those who might not have considered
cosmetology Anmarie says it can be a very rewarding career you get to meet all
sorts of people and make them feel look and feel better.

She points out that it can lead to all
sorts of exciting opportunities. “Cosmetologists are needed for a number of
special occasions like; weddings, proms, movie sets, dance competitions,
modelling and so on. People like Miss Cayman, are reliant upon people in the
beauty industry. When Miss Cayman is representing her country she needs her own
professional stylist and makeup artist to enhance her appearance and show her
in the best possible light.” Film sets are another area where the special
skills of a cosmetologist are needed. Anmarie says, “Film directors like
Frankie Flowers need cosmetologists on set to 
get their actors and actresses appearances right for movie scenes.
Selita Ebanks is another person who uses makeup and hair artists on a regular
basis to make her presentable for all her photoshoots.”

Anmarie stresses that the courses are not
just for women, and that men can also apply as there is an increased need for
barbers on the island.

What the courses involve

To get a place on the course you are simply
required to take an entrance test, however no other qualifications are
necessary. The Level one course lasts for six months and is particularly useful
as you do hands on work in an actual salon. Students will learn the theory of
chemicals and their effect on hair, skin texture, hair texture, different
shades of colour and application. In conjunction with learning the theory
aspects of cosmetology, students will also get the chance to practice on live
models half way through the course as they have the option to do work experience.

To pass the course students must complete
1000 hours of practical work along with passing a final written exam.  Certified instructors from the Heart
Institute of Jamaica will visit to mark the final written exam. If a student is
successful in this course they will become a certified cosmetologist and can
apply to any salon on island, or overseas.

If after the student finishes the first six
month course and wishes to further their studies, Annies school of Beauty
offers a level two course which is advanced classes/new techniques.  This course is tailored more to specific
areas of cosmetology. Such as advanced make-up techniques, advanced cutting and
styling, etc. After a student has completed the second course, they can even go
on to attain their bachelors or masters. 

Areas of study for the six month course





Finger waving.

Marcel waving.




Scalp Treatment.

Tip and Acrylic.


Makeup and many more.

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