Blended families: Bridging the divide

Blended families, also known as
step-families, are becoming more and more common in society. While merging two
families into one can be a very hard task, there are some tips to make it

Making a fresh start in a neutral
territory can make the process of blending the family much easier. This can
prevent new family members feeling like outsiders in someone else’s house. It
can also help to avoid children having feelings of resentment because they may
feel as though their personal space has been invaded by new people. While the
trouble of securing a new home may be a little excessive, the benefits could be
worth it in the long run.

Remember to put your partnership
first. Your children and step-children will need a stable household and
providing a loving and stable relationship for your kids to see will help ease
their fears of future changes.

Keep your ex-spouses involved in
your kids’ lives. Children deserve to have both of their parents involved in
their lives. A step-parent should never try to take away the role of a real

Another must is to become a friend
to your step-children. While your step-children may never consider you their
parent, they will enjoy having you as someone they can talk to. Try to be a
positive and consistent role model for them at the same time. Fostering good
communication will help you to build a relationship and will help your newly
formed family bond. Make time to bond with both your children and your
step-children, even if just for a few minutes a day

Overall, one of the most important
factors to keep in mind is that the blending process will not be an easy one.
Keep your expectations realistic.

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