Most know people who have left

Online Poll

More than 41 per cent of the 508
respondents to last week’s online poll say they personally know
at least six people who have moved away from the Cayman Islands in the past six

However, the single largest segment
of respondents – 203 people or 39.9 per cent – say they only personally know
one to five people who have moved away.

“It’s getting dangerous and
expensive,” said one person.

“These were due to rollover,” said
another respondent.

“I miss my friends that have left,”
said someone else.

The second largest segment of
respondents – 99 people or 19.5 per cent – said they knew six to 10 people who
have left.

“Lots of people are leaving these
days,” said one person. “Many of the people I know who left had
spouses/families that I didn’t know.”

“I can’t blame them,” said another
respondent. “People who think Cayman is the greatest place to live anymore are

“This place never really feels like
home whilst we face the issues of Caymanian vs. expat,” said someone else.

“Due to term limit, but planning to
come back,” said one respondent.

Forty-four people – 8.7 per cent –
said they knew 11 to 15 people who had moved away.

“I am a taxi driver and over the
last few months I’ve lost a lot of my regular customers who were established
here and spend a lot of money in the economy,” said one person.

“Many through rollover or
additional costs,” said someone else.

Another 68 people – 13.4 per cent –
said they knew more than 15 people who had moved away in the past six months.

“Higher work permit fees, higher
crime equals time to leave,” said one person.

“Including myself and my husband,
all thanks to the rollover policy,” said someone else.

Ninety-four people – 18.5 per cent
– said they knew no one who had moved away.

“And I know a lot of people,” said
one person.

“Who wants to leave paradise and
return home?” asked another respondent.

Next week’s poll question

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