Letters to the Editor: Old times were safer

From the friendly peaceful island
in the sun where all the people that lived on this Island treated each other as
family, we were all poor and lived day to day helping each other to make it.

Our biggest fear in this time I
speak about was parrots eating our crops and insects. Now we have so, so many
fears, for as we came out of the days of real poverty, we went into the days of
crime and fear.

Oh yes, we could go away for days
and leave our homes unlocked, for many of us had no real locks on our houses
and did not need them.

Look at us now. Some of the homes
have bars on the windows and doors. Our children; we could talk to them and
give them good advice. Now if you speak to your neighbours’ children you are
cursed out or worse. The parents call the police on you because the child told
them lies on you; worse yet are attacked by the children or parents or even

What has happened to this little
Island that time forgot?

We, the people of the Cayman
Islands, united we stand and divided we fall. Wake up and see we have fallen
and are still falling.

Crime in all directions, all types
of crime. We have opened our door to Satan’s angels. For the love of money or a
big fancy house, you are now a prisoner.

Many of you will agree the old ways
were not the best, but they were better than what is going on here now in many

Our people were proud, but as I see
what is going on here now in Cayman, they have very little to be proud about.
Many people came here with their company and made a lot of money quickly. But
as we have noticed lately, many of them are leaving and closing their
companies. What about the Cayman people? Well you have to stick it out and many
of you will be punished because instead of you trying to help your own Caymanian
to get a company, you did all that you could do to help that outsider’s company
to do good.

Now some of you are out of work and
can’t find another job. The jails are full, the courts are backlogged, the
police are busy, the leaders have no real answers for the people and the
education system is failing.

The crime is out of control, more
and more people are out of work and the good help that we had here to help us
is leaving.

I could list more, but by now you
should have the picture. Our little paradise is in so much trouble, so
Caymanians, I am asking for all of us to try and do whatever we can do to turn
this downward spiral of our Island around. Let us start with more love for one
another and more respect. We cannot afford to lose this paradise of ours any
more to crime, greed and demons.

Gun control

Why is it that we are now hearing
so many gun crimes? Well as you all should know by now you cannot have a gun
crime without a gun.

So this is what our police, other
departments, the entire government and all the other people here on Cayman
should do and that is make Cayman gun free. No one should have a gun on Grand
Cayman; no one.

Now the other way from this is all
the people of Grand Cayman arm yourselves for as the sun rises each, if you
only give certain people guns on this Island to kill Caymanians, all Caymanians
will sooner or later have guns in their homes to protect themselves from the
criminals that are being created by our system. Be careful Cayman. This gun crime
problem can be fixed pretty easy If the police have tuns ,the people will have
guns too. Stop the violence.

Emile S. Levy