Teens plead guilty in Domino’s robbery

After two teens pleaded
guilty last month, the final two entered their guilty pleas on Friday to the
daylight robbery of Domino’s Pizza in Savannah on 3 June.

Ariel McLaughlin and
Anastasia Watson admitted stealing $366, a litre bottle of Coca-Cola and a litre
bottle of Sprite, and in order to do so, put two staff members in fear of being
subjected to force.

After Addie Haylock and
Julissa  Avila entered their pleas on 23
July, their attorneys applied to Justice Alexexander Henderson for bail, which
was refused.

On Friday, before Justice
Howard Cooke, there were no applications for bail.

All four defendants were 17
when the incident occurred. Avila turned 18 in custody.

Attorney John Furniss
advised the court that sentencing for the first two had been adjourned until
Friday, 3 September, so that social inquiry reports could be prepared. He made
a similar request on behalf of McLaughlin.

Attorney Karen
Martinez-Thompson, on behalf of Watson, concurred, saying the report would
assist the court.

Haylock and Avila were
present on Friday with their attorneys, Ben Tonner and Lucy Organ, but they did
not say anything.

When the matter first came to court on 23 June, Crown
Counsel Marilyn Brandt told the magistrate that the three females entered the
shop and that  McLaughlin, drove them
from the scene.


  1. Where in this article is any mention of LEGAL AID CASH?

    Editor’s note: The wrong headline was inadvertently posted on the web versions of this story. It has since been corrected.

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