MRCU hangar project to be retendered

The Cayman Islands Government
officially cancelled its contract to build the Mosquito Research and Control
Unit hangar facility with Hadsphaltic Ltd. on Friday.

The cancellation of the contract
was more or less a formality after Hadsphaltic abandoned the hangar project on
25 June and was officially put in liquidation on 19 July.

Public Works Project Manager Niasha
Ross said the contract for the completion of the hangar facility would be put
out to tender. She said could not provide any timetables for that process.

There had been some discussion
about the contract being assigned by the liquidator rather than re-tendered.
However, liquidator Chris Johnson of Johnson Smith Associates Ltd. said he was
told last week it would be re-tendered.

“It makes no difference to us,” he
said. “We’ve already been paid up front.”

Mr. Johnson explained that
Hadsphaltic had received a mobilisation payment and then periodic payments as
it had completed work.

“So we’re ahead of the game,” he
said. “Government will have to put in a claim at some point.”

The hanger facility will replace
the old MRCU hanger, which was condemned after sustaining heavy damage during
Hurricane Ivan in September 2004. Since that time, the MRCU’s airport
operations have been working out of a small trailer and a temporary hangar.

When completed, the new hangar
facility, which is about half completed now, will consist of a hurricane-resistant
hanger for the Unit’s two airplanes, as well as a workshop, offices and a
separate pesticide storage building.

At the time Hadsphaltic abandoned
the job, it had been ahead of schedule on the project.


Until the MRCU han-gar project is com-pleted, there will not be a safe place to store the Unit’s airplanes if a hurricane approaches. Pictured here is one of the Unit’s planes that was tied down along-side the high ground of Bobby Thompson Way when Hurricane Dean approached in 2007.
Photo: Alan Markoff