$59 million home listed in Cayman


Cayman Islands Sotheby’s
International Realty has listed the single-family home in South Sound called
Castillo Caribe for US$59.5 million.

“This is the highest price
residence in the Cayman Islands,” said Sheena Conolly, Cayman Islands Sotheby’s

The three-storey home, which has
48,000 square feet of living space with eight bedrooms and 14.5 bathrooms, sits
on about 250 feet of beach-front property.

“It’s an extraordinary property,”
Mrs. Conolly said. “It’s one of the most unique beach front properties anywhere
in the world.”

Despite the high price tag, the
property, which was listed last month, is already drawing the interest of potential

“It’s getting significant attention
on a global scale, as it’s being marketed around the world,” Mrs. Conolly said.
“Hopefully [the exposure] will be great for Cayman.”

One of the reasons the property is
getting so much attention is that it’s hard to find private beach-front homes
the size of Castillo Caribe, Mrs. Conolly said.

“Just try looking for beach-front
homes anywhere in the world over 25,000 square feet and you’ll see how unique
this property is,” she said.

The house features a banquet room,
a hotel-style spa and gym, a wine cellar, a pool and tennis courts among its
many amenities. Its basement has a 4,000 square foot children’s playroom and a
hot-tub room made to look like the inside of a grotto.

Mrs. Conolly said the price is not
unreasonable, considering the size of the home.

“It’s about $1,200 a square foot,”
she said. “There are other properties in Cayman around that same price.”

As for the kind of person who might
buy such a home, Mrs. Conolly admits it would have to be a high-net-worth
individual. But she thinks the home will sell.

“The Sotheby’s brand touches 80 per
cent of the world’s billionaires,” she said, adding that she’s astounded by the
amount of interest the home has already attracted.

“I have no doubt there is a buyer
for this amazing property.”


A view of Castillo Caribe from the ocean.
Photo: Submitted


  1. Any house that big and with a price tag that high is going to have a lot of interest by people who are curious to see what it’s like — and how it could possibly be worth that much — it’s just plain "nosyness" not interest as in "I might buy it." It’s nice to be optimistic — but really? In this economy ??? I guess the rich are hurting too. Well, we’ll just see how many years this place sits on the market, and how many price reductions they go through. Now that will be "interesting."

  2. Amazing is one word. Disgusting is another. How sad that Cayman has come to be associated with such a gross display of money.
    Nahum Ch 1: "Woe to the bloody city" and the following verses.

  3. I’m intrigued by the description of this pricey house in South Sound. What piques my interest is not so much the grand size of the place, but rather its appallingly low B/LA score. The B/LA is the ratio of the number of bathrooms divided by the square footage of living area in one’s home; it is an authoritative measure, which I just made up, of the quality of life afforded to the home’s occupants. The B/LA of this house is 14.5/48,000, or roughly 1 bathroom for every 3,000 square feet of living area. That’s a lot of territory to cover if you’re in a hurry. When you finally locate the bathroom, what if it’s occupied, or maybe it’s that enigmatic half bath and it’s the wrong half for what you need? Do you have time to look for another? My house is just 1,500 square feet and yet has 2 full bathrooms. Its B/LA is 1 bathroom for every 750 square feet. No matter how many beers you’ve downed, relief is never too far away. To improve the B/LA, the developer might consider discreetly placing a number of additional facilities, perhaps resembling fountains, along the hallways throughout this manse.

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