NS fans follow team to Brac

Weekend trip focuses on volleyball

It’s not unusual for a sports team
from Grand Cayman to visit Cayman Brac, but when a team and its supporters fill
half of the Cayman Airways jet, the event takes on a whole new dimension.

Fifteen volleyball players and 40
supporters from North Side spent last weekend on the Brac after three months of
raising funds to pay for the trip. Noel Williams, president of the Cayman
Islands Volleyball Federation, was pleased about the level of play by the home
team and the visitors, as well as the future of volleyball on a district level.

Archie Whittaker, manager of the
North Side District MLA Office, was ecstatic about the success of the trip and
the concerted hard work that preceded it.

For sports lovers, scores are
paramount, so here are the results from Saturday’s action at the high school
court. Northern Stars won the first game 25-19. Cayman Brac fought back and
took the second game 25-15. Northern Stars were victorious the third time
around by a score of 25-18 and then flexed their muscles again for a 25-12 win
in the fourth game.

Fan support

Mr. Williams called it a good
series “very competitive… with a lot of spectators from the Brac and the
North side supporters.”

He explained that the two teams
wanted to play each other because they started around the same time.

“The volleyball federation took
coaches and equipment to the Brac three months ago. Then we went to North Side,
sending coaches up there every Tuesday night to work with them.”

After Saturday’s games, he
continued, the Brac players said to him, “We can tell you put a lot into the
North Side team.” 

The upshot of discussions was that
the federation has committed to going to the Brac at least once per month for
coaching, clinics and assistance with a youth team.

Meanwhile, Mr. Whittaker reported,
the games against the Brac team were just part of the experience.


District residents began hosting
Friday night fish fries in May and put all proceeds toward the trip. Food sales
during the district Looky Ya function at the National Museum in July resulted
in a $1,700 contribution from participants.

Team members solicited
sponsorships. Enough money was raised to pay everyone’s airfare and accommodation,
Mr. Whittaker said.

A highlight for him, apart from the
games, was the Saturday morning team visit to the Kirkconnell Care Centre.

“I was so impressed with our young
men and the manner in which they interacted with the senior citizens there,” he

The visit was followed up with
preparation and delivery of dinner on Sunday night for all of the rest home
residents. Other activities included fishing and beach volleyball.

The Northern Stars and their fans
returned to Grand Cayman early Monday morning, fired up and ready for more
competition with other districts. As chairperson of the North Side Volleyball
Association, Mr. Whittaker confirmed that the athleticism and self-discipline
of the players have attracted more people to the game, so that volleyball
action in the district will soon be expanded.

He thanked Mitchum Sanford from the
Brac Sports Department for his work in organising the games, coaches Dominique
Linwood and Nannett McCoy from the volleyball federation, and its president,
Mr. Williams.


15 volleyball players and supporters from North Side spent last weekend on the Brac after three months of raising funds to pay for the trip.
Photo: Carol Winker

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