Burglar couldn’t get employment

Repeat offender pleads guilty

Leburn Prendergast, 46, was
sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment on Monday after he pleaded guilty to
burglary and refusing to provide a specimen of urine for drug testing.

He admitted entering The Office
Lounge in George Town as a trespasser on 4 April and stealing alcohol and
cigarettes valued at $488.45. Defence Attorney John Furniss agreed with
Magistrate Nova Hall that Prendergast had a long list of previous convictions,
most recently a conviction in June 2005. He served his sentence and has been
out of prison for two years and had not committed any further offences.

“He was having a terrible time
getting employment,” Mr. Furniss said. “He was doing odd jobs… pulling bush
and so on.”

His previous record may have been a
factor in his difficulty finding work, Mr. Furniss indicated, but it also led
to other problems. Prendergast believed that police were watching him. In the
most recent incident, when officers asked him for a urine sample, he became
agitated and refused.

Mr. Furniss said the burglary
occurred at unoccupied commercial premises, and no one was disturbed. Further,
Prendergast entered his plea at his first court appearance, saving everyone’s

Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson said
the premises had been secured at the close of business the night before, and
when an employee arrived at 6.30am the next morning, the employee found one of
the roll-up windows open, with a stool under it. A lock on the window was

Officers took swabs and discovered
fingerprints on the bottom of the shutter. Prendergast’s fingerprints, taken on
11 August, matched those at the scene. He initially admitted going to the
location but did not specifically admit that he had committed the burglary.

The magistrate gave credit for the
early guilty plea. However, she indicated, that was balanced by his extensive
list of previous convictions, including some for burglary. She imposed a term
of 18 months for the burglary and a concurrent three-month sentence for
refusing to provide the specimen.


  1. There is where Mike Adam steps in… Social Services is his porfolio

    A good rehabilitation program and social help for those who come out of prison is needed. It doesn’t make sense to release people after serving time without an economic safety net like a job to keep them from not breaking the law again. But I guess we don’t want to implement a community tax to fund such social programs. Hence Mike is left with an empty Buddhist bowl in his hands, because no one wants to be charitable and donate enough funds for the cause. I already went to one of his meetings and I can tell ya, Social Services and Reform programs are not getting the support they need!

    If we are so scare of the UK imposing tax on us, why don’t we at least implement one for ourselves to assist some of the social problems we are having!


  2. so what your saying is, commit a crime(s) and society will reward you, with hand outs?

    Maybe I am cold. Or Callous. But most people don’t commit serious crimes because they know the outcome. Sooner or later, you will be caught,and your life irrevocably changes (ie, lack of job prospects, ect).

    But there are people out there. That just don’t see two steps past the idea of burglary. I break in, get stuff, get cash. No where, does it enter these people’s minds, that "hey, maybe i shouldn’t do this, cause I WILL get caught, that is as sure as the sun rises. Eventually I have to get caught.

    Speeding is one thing, robbery and serious crimes are another. If someone isn’t willing or smart enough to understand the difference. Why should society have to pay for their mistakes?

    We all want to say after reading this story "aww, that’s why he committed those crimes, he could not find work".

    But lets not forget. The reason why this person couldn’t get a job in the first place, was his PAST serious crimes.

    If this person had not committed any serious crimes in the first place. This wouldn’t have to be a story.

    life is hard, why make it any harder on yourself by committing crimes and making life harder for yourself?

    Is it that unbearable to get a job, any job. Start at the bottom and work your way up? EVERYONE has to do it. No matter how fortunate or unfortunate you are when you start out in life.

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