Online Poll: People split on Jazz Fest

Opinions are almost evenly split as
to whether people think there should be a Cayman Jazz Fest this year, according
to the results of last week’s online poll.

Of the 393 respondents, 142 people
(36.1 per cent) thought there should be Jazz Fest this year, but only if the
government could find some corporate sponsorship to help reduce the costs.

“It would be a shame to cancel an
event that seemed to finally be picking up steam last year,” said one person.
“But just like the Cayman Arts Festival, there should be some significant
corporate sponsorship to make it happen.”

“In addition to sponsorship,
Government needs to make, and present to the public, a researched business
case,” said someone else. “I have far less problem of Government subsidizing an
event, but simply stating that they gain lots of coverage from BET doesn’t cut
it, as it’s unlikely to be Cayman’s target market.”

Another 135 people (34.4 per cent)
said there should be no Cayman Jazz Fest this year because the government has
more pressing needs.

Forty-four people (11.2 per cent)
said the event should be held this year because it was an important event,
while 50 people (12.7 per cent) said it should never be held because it’s an
ill-conceived idea.

“Most of the musicians involved
with the Jazz Fest don’t seem to be Jazz musicians, so I’m not too sure of its
relevance,” said one respondent. “Maybe should be investing in that properly
and not wasting or time chasing BET fame.”

Twenty-two people (5.6 per cent)
responded “Cayman has a Jazz Fest?” to the questions.

Next week’s poll question:

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charitable causes compared to previously?

I give much more than I used to

I give a little more than I used to

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I give a little less than I used do

I give a lot less than I used to

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