Jamaica’s Yendi Phillips makes history

 Yendi Phillips, Miss Jamaica,
secured second position at the Miss Universe 2010 contest held in Las Vegas.
Yendi Phillips has shaped history by securing her position as the first
runner-up at the beauty contest. Yendi Phillips got the maximum ever achieved
by a Jamaican in the Miss Universe contest.Although, Yendi Phillips was at the
tip of wining the Miss Universe 2010 contest, the Jamaicans are taking her 2nd
place into account as the first time victory. Yendi Phillips is a Jamaican
beauty queen who made her way to the top five beauty goddesses for the first
time in Jamaican history.Yendi Phillips was born on 8 September
1985. She is the winner of the Miss Jamaica World 2007 beauty pageant. Yendi
Phillips attributes her success to her late mother; her mother had died when
she was younger. Yendi Phillipps had represented Jamaica at the Miss World 2007
contest held in China on 1 December. She holds a degree of fine arts with a
major in dance.

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