Letters to the Editor: Make your mantra ‘Next’

Have you ever thought of what the
best mantra in life would be; one that could propel us along quickly. 

One that would get us out of the
doldrums and wallowing pools long before we get stained with all the mud and
debris that we are wallowing in. 

Well extra, extra read all about
it. Today I declare that when things aren’t going as planned or beyond our control,
when we don’t feel good deep in our guts, when we are not living our best life;
always close by and never beyond reaching distance the mantra should simply be:

Life is about change, movement and
autonomy so when things are stuck, and we have tried it all, the best advice is
simple, move on quickly.

Say goodbye to bad relationships,
to negative friends and surroundings, to unfulfilled jobs that we are miserable
doing. We should never be afraid to challenge ourselves to go to the next level
or take that next step. 

We all have a divine purpose on
this Earth and as long as we continue to hold on to toxic, negative things, our
hands are too full to grasp on to good. It takes trusting ourselves to believe
that there is better beyond our current situation. As human beings we are
comfortable with routine and things that we know, no matter what is going on;
but often the great is beyond what we can see and if we ease up from what we’re
doing and branch out to see what is out there, we are usually pleasantly

It’s all about choice and we make
the choice to stay and struggle or surrender from what is beyond our control
and move on towards what awaits us. 

So as I take it to the streets, I
want to share the “NEXT” mantra with you. We ladies deserve to say this to any
man, job, or friends that are not making us feel our best, or anything that is
not giving us the joy we deserve 

We have the power over our lives
and if your presence is not honoring me or making me feel my best, then;

And tell me, how your week is going
at [email protected] or check out my website at www.somebodysmama.com


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