Online Poll: Lionfish not to everyone’s taste

Although most of the respondents to
last week’s online poll would at least try eating lionfish, many
people have no desire to taste the ferocious fish.

Asked simply if they would eat
lionfish, the largest segment of respondents – 139 people or 33.1 per cent –
said they’d give it a try.

“But only if someone else prepared
and cooked it,” said one person. “I don’t want to get stung – I’ve seen how
painful that is!”

“As long as it’s not priced like a
delicacy,” said someone else.

Another 95 people – 22.7 per cent –
responded “Sure. Serve it up!”

“They taste great!” said one

“Already have and it’s delicious,”
said someone else.

“I don’t eat fish unless done in a
smoker, then I’d eat it,” said another respondent.

The second largest segment of
respondents – 115 people or 27.5 per cent – said there was no way they would
eat lionfish.

“I’m not in the habit of playing
Russian roulette, but if anyone else wants to, give them a try – best of luck
to them,” said one person. “There are too many other fish in the sea to eat
than lionfish
for me.”

“No thanks,” said someone else.
“I’m always up for trying new things and new food as long as it won’t get me
killed, but eating a lionfish, knowing that it’s already poisonous, is just
asking for something bad to happen.”

“Oh no! Not when it might cause
some sort of health problems in 20 years time,” said another respondent. “I’ll
stick to the parrot fish,
thank you.”

Twenty-nine people – 6.9 per cent –
said they would only eat lionfish if they were starving.

“I don’t like cooked fish,” said
one person.

Another 41 people – 9.8 per cent –
responded to the question with the response “What’s a lionfish?”

Next week’s poll question:

What do you think of the
government’s idea to lease the Water Authority to a private sector entity?

It’s a fantastic idea

It’s a good idea

I don’t know

It’s a bad idea

It’s a terrible idea

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