Vandals damage artwork

A marble and granite structure
erected at the George Town Hospital to commemorate the Do Something campaign
that took place in the Cayman Islands several months ago was apparently
vandalized recently.

According to artist Leulan Bodden,
it was obvious the piece had been tampered with and the damage was not simply
wear and tear, as some might suggest.

“This stone is quite strong and
even though the signage that was ripped off was made of acrylic-like material
or plastic, the person of people who did this had to be determined to damage
the structure by either kicking it or ripping it away,” he said.

On 13 May, church leaders,
politicians and members of the public gathered at the George Town Hospital for
the unveiling of the granite structure, which depicts the image of a family.

Elite Marble and Granite
contributed some $15,000 to $20,000 of man-hours and material for the monument.

The Do Something campaign visited
the Cayman Islands in May, reverberating through the community with its message
of positive action for the good of all.  

At the time, Governor Duncan Taylor
noted, “A positive energy has been brought to the Island with this effort and
any negative realities the Islands have experienced are only a symptom of a
greater problem that had to be addressed… of community.”

Mr. Bodden said the staff at Elite
Marble and Granite is providing material and labour once again in order to
repair the structure, including a stronger material than the plastic sign that
read, Do Something.

Marvin Hurlston, who engraved the
original piece, will provide the engraving for the new fixture, which should be
completed in about two weeks.

One bright spot for the artists and
all involved in Do Something is that the damage to the statue could be hidden
or covered up quite well with some screws and a little glue.

Mr. Bodden said he would like to
tell those that tried to ruin such a special structure that, “People in Cayman
have got to start being proud of their community and themselves. If it is
private property, then you should respect other people’s property.

“Luckily, now the statue will be
stronger than before and any future attack would have to be more deliberate.”

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