War on Weight a winner

The War on Weight kickoff party
successfully launched the programme at Full of Beans on Thursday, 19 August, as
planning got under way.

Contestants, committee members, WOW
sponsors and guests discussed this year’s contest, planned exercise regimes and
met fellow exercise partners while being treated to a wide range of healthy
hors d’oeuvres, courtesy of Full of Beans. In addition, contestants received
numerous giveaways.

Fitness instructor Ernest Ebanks of
Body Sculptor explained the wide range of fitness options available to them,
while clinical therapist Taylor Burrowes of the Wellness Centre summarized the
four group therapy sessions contestants will all attend.

The WOW contest, now in its third
year, is an initiative of the Cayman Heart Fund in which 10 contestants tackle
the battle the bulge over the next 16 weeks. Each contestant will have access
to more than $2,000 worth of health and fitness industry advice and

More than 40 applications were
received for this year’s challenge, following a highly successful recruitment
drive, making it one of the most popular to date. The 10 contestants selected
by the committee and industry experts were chosen to a great extent on the
basis of their dedication to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Maggie Buchanan decided to enter
WOW after a recent picture made her realise it was time to shed the pounds.

“I decided it was finally time to
get serious. No more excuses. When I saw WOW was looking for contestants, I
knew this was the competition for me.

She added: “I’m looking forward to
the hard work, the camaraderie with the team and the competitiveness of the
entire programme.  WOW provides me with
the desire to keep an active routine as part of my everyday life so that I
don’t revert back to my heavier and sedentary lifestyle. Of course, the personal
end result for me is the prize of a healthier and thinner life.”

WOW contestant Joan Christian
decided to turn her life around after her doctor advised her that she needed to
lower her blood pressure or risk being put on medication.

“I really want to avoid going on
medication, and I have been advised that losing weight and living a healthier
lifestyle will help avoid this. Also, my youngest son and his girlfriend have
just had a bouncing baby girl and I really want to be able to enjoy her and my
five other grandchildren,” she said.

“The WOW contest will give me the
initiative to get started on an exercise regime that I can keep up after the
programme is finished. I’m really looking forward to losing the weight and
learning from the experts how to live healthier and, most importantly, keep the
weight off.”

Rob Jamieson, who originally hails
from New Zealand, said he is most looking forward to the opportunity to work
out with a group of people all working towards a mutual goal.

“The WOW contest is really going to
help keep me organized and motivated, and I really appreciate the hard work
that the organizers have put in, not to mention the sponsor donors.”

To help contestants find an exercise
regime they enjoy, this year’s contestants will be trying their hand at a wide
range of fitness classes. These include martial arts at Purple Dragon, yoga at
BodyWorks, Yamuna Body Rolling at Flow, and spinning at Revolutions.  Reflections are ensuring contestants look the
part, with discounts on fitness apparel.

Contestants will also have to
adhere to a strict diet under the watchful eye of registered dietician Chad
Collins. Dr. John Addleson will be monitoring the contestants throughout the
challenge to ensure weight loss is healthy.

WOW committee chairperson Leandra
Charles said she is excited about this year’s programme and the number of
sponsors on board.

“This year’s contestants are really
dedicated to the programme, and we have had some fantastic support from
sponsors this year. Without a doubt, this year will be the best WOW yet and I’m
pretty confident this year’s contestants will shed more pounds than ever.”

 If you would like to lose weight and live a
healthier lifestyle, join the WOW contestants and committee members every
Sunday at the entrance of Safehaven at 7am for a one-hour (approximately 4.5km)
walk. All are welcome. Call 326-2735 or email [email protected] for further

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